When it comes to making a purchase, whether it be a physical product or a service, shoppers will only buy with the right information. When shopping, your customers primary and sole goal is to solve a problem.

So what does your customer really need? — information

Here at Galaxy Web Team, we help small-medium sized business get the crucial information there customers need right where they want it. If your business is looking to convert shoppers to buyers, give them information.


Let’s say you own a car detailing company, and you currently have only a Facebook page (which is almost as important). What can you show your customers?

  • Snippets around 150–200 characters
  • Photos
  • Promotions
  • Live video feeds

And all of this is great, but the format at which it’s seen takes away a lot of value.

Facebook is like a billboard, when you drive (or scroll) past it, you get a quick glimpse, then you’re off.

So where do you put this information? — Directly on your website.

More important than ever.

Many believe that websites are outdated, or no longer a strong consideration. But that is the exact reason you should be constantly keeping your website flowing with info.

While everyone else is worrying about constantly posting, or coming up with catchy snippets and photos. You and your company can be filling your website with what shoppers need to make the decision — more information.

Back to our car detailing example.

If we remember that people only purchase to solve problems, what will your customers look to solve?

  • Fading paint
  • Paint scratches/swirls
  • Stained interiors
  • Leather re-conditioning

Those are just a few examples. How can you explain to someone what causes fading paint, the process to correct it, and the benefits of correcting fading paint — all in 150–200 some characters?

Furthermore, what if you have a customer call in and ask these same questions?

Get your information about how your company solves problems up and online today. I promise you, your shoppers will not only convert but will thank you in the process.

Need help? Contact our office with any questions, we’re more than happy to be a resource for you. Contact